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Too Much Bucks Dairy Goats &

We place a strong focus on longevity, milk production, structural correctness, long lactations and preserving polled genetics. Paticipating in DHIR, Shows and Linear Appraisals. CAE testing and strict disease prevention program. CAE Negative herd, last test June 2013.
G6S Testing and any other testing available.
Also the home of Rhapsody River Ranch Livestock Guardian Dogs and Rabbitry and Eggsetera Poultry Ranch.
For Show, 4-H Projects, milk production, pack goats and pets
Located near Cottage Grove, Oregon
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Too Little Doe Mini Dairy Goats
Registered Nubian, Alpine, LaManchas and Guernseys, as well as Miniature Nubians, Alpines and LaManchas